Get Sweaty with Your Valentine

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No, it’s not what you’re thinking… Though I won’t discount the health benefits of getting frisky, I’m talking about taking your sweat session out of the bedroom and into the gym!

Working out as a couple is a great alternative to the traditional dinner and a movie date night. Exercise releases feel good endorphins and can inspire healthy competition or team building in a relationship. Plus who doesn’t want to see their partner flexing strong muscles?

My boyfriend will never understand my love of barre class – he’s more the pumping iron at the gym kind of guy. But the following classes are sure to please both parties – and make both your bodies and your relationship stronger for it!


Stop fighting over what to watch on TV and instead spar it out over spin class. Friendly competition can be good for a relationship, especially when you are pushing each other to crank up the calorie burn. Studios like Flywheel Sports have technology that measures your performance and shows how you compare to others in the class, so that you can literally race against each other. Or cycle for the same team at Swerve Fitness, which divides the class into 2 or 3 teams and broadcasts your collective performance on a scoreboard.

Ballroom Dancing

I have yet to get my boyfriend to trade in his sneakers for samba shoes, but I am dying for him to step up and be my Patrick Swayze. Ballroom dance is extremely romantic and sexy. You’ll walk away feeling confident and connected with your partner, having fostered a bond that is completely reliant on open communication and trust. And even if you or your man has two left feet, you’ll still have a blast trying something new.

Looking to play out your Dirty Dancing fantasies in NYC? Tear up the dance floor at Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Center or Dancesport.


Now this is something that neither of you has likely tried before – so you can work through a new challenge and learn a lot about your partner in the process. Let loose your inner daredevil as you vault, run, climb and swing to pass over, under and through an extreme obstacle course. Overcoming these physical and mental barriers as a team will strengthen your bond and move your relationship forward. Plus, you’ll feel like a bad ass ninja, and there’s nothing sexier!

Ready to brave the ultimate urban jungle? Try Brooklyn Zoo.

Ice Skating 

The ideal winter date setting, grab a cup of cocoa and hold tight to your lover’s mittened hand. And while it may seem like you’re just gliding along, you’re actually burning a lot of calories – approximately 400 in an hour! Check out the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers or hit up one of the outdoor rinks at Bryant Park or Central Park.

Rock Climbing 

Not only is it a great full body burn, working the arms, legs, back and shoulders, but it also is a great bonding experience. For an added challenge, try scaling the wall together without letting go of your partner’s hand. It’s the ultimate test of teamwork and trust! Climb to new heights together at Brooklyn Boulders.

So what are you waiting for, grab your guy and get fit! Because the couple who sweats together stays together.

And be sure to tell me in the comments, what are some of your favorite ways to work out with your lover?




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