Dat Green Juice Tho…

Welcome to Planet Not-That-Obvious. Green Juice – i.e. a blended mix of fruits and veggies – TASTES AMAZING.

I mean, it may look like the sludge you might find in an old sink drain. It may have the mouth-feel of minced burlap. But dang girl, it tastes so good it should be criminal.

Oh yeah, it’s also a super quick way to get a ton of healthy bits into your body. #goals

Fruit is sweet. It has natural complex sugars, so yeah – if you’re trying to lose weight – you don’t want to gorge on it. However, a spoonful of it definitely helps the medicine go down.

Pro-Tip: Berries are the best fruit for snacking, but in a smoothie they’re a pain because of the seeds. I go for a Mixed Bag of peaches, strawberries, mangos and bananas. Be warned, mangoes are amazing but have the least bang for the buck – plus I’ve been told they swell up in your stomach.

Frozen fruit gets an A-plus for efficiency. One, you don’t have to wash or cut it up. Two, you can substitute it for ice cubes in your blended smoothie.

Kale, wheatgrass and arugula are some of my favorite greens because they have a pepper-kick to them. That way you feel less like a bunny nibbling on lawn bits and more like a honey badger, who doesn’t give a s**t.

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