Dear Laur: Don’t Sweat It! Fitness Fashion For All Figures

Dear Laur,

Workout clothes are a fun way to stay motivated! Especially as you start to see results, it’s empowering to show off your hot new bod in hot new gear.

But until you get there, I can understand the frustration. Nobody wants to spend their entire workout class comparing her body to the 90 pound stick in a crop top who is kicking everyone’s butts with a heavier set of weights.

But baggy tees and sweatpants are not the solution. Instead, choose workout clothes that are cute but also flattering for your body unique body shape. Whether that be Lululemon or less pricey, there are plenty of options out there. Check out some of my favorites below!

For shorties:

Although your first instinct may be to try a cropped legging (no hemming or rolling required!), longer styles are actually best to lengthen legs. Just like with hair, an ombre effect gives the illusion of mile high legs. On top, stay away from looser fabrics and opt for a structured, fitted look instead. One with a built in bra-top will fill out a small bust.


Fabletics Lilac Tank // Athleta High Rise Fadeout Chaturanga Tight

For athletes: 

If you’re athletically built, have some fun – embrace bright colors and bold prints! They will draw attention to your toned top or bottom and help break up a more straight up and down shape. For me, my legs are my favorite asset, so I like to show them off with a loud printed cropped legging. Worked hard to get that lean, muscular back? Show it off in an open back style.


Fabletics Femina Tank // Calvin Klein Performance Printed Cropped Leggings

For full-figured: 

No need to hide in the back corner! If you’re more curvy, keep your cool in bottoms with wide waist bands to tuck your tummy. Choose monochrome, darker colors with subtly slimming vertical lines. Or if you’re finding it hard to let go of your old pair of sweats, try a pant style with a comfy waist band in a slimming style. On top, go with a looser fitting tank or a structured tee over a sports bra with wide straps and an underwire for extra support. Constantly pulling your shirt down? Try a style with a cinched bottom to keep everything in place. Now get up front and center and show those skinny b*@#*e$ who’s boss!


LVR Shark Bite Tank // Panache Ultimate Maximum Control Sports Bra


Fila Sport Colorblock Performance Tee // Zella Inspire Capris


Old Navy Compression Tank // Athleta Relay Tight

For long and lean: 

First of all, as a short girl, I will never understand how having supermodel proportions would ever be a bad thing. But if you’re frustrated with finding the perfect fit, try a pant with extra length or foldover option and flare to give your line more shape. Go bold with a vibrant, color block top and your bod will be anything but boring.


Athleta Chi Tank Bold Stripe // Under Armour Perfect Studio Pant

Now sis, how about a trip out to NYC for some shopping?

Yours truly,



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Vegan Flourless Creamy Mushroom Soup

I had a hankering for one of my pre-diet favorites: cream of mushroom soup. I decided to go straight vegan vs. raw because I’m wary of the environmental and microbial contaminations when it comes to fungi. It also turns out that the cooking process helps break down the fungi cell walls, thus releasing more nutrients into your food.

After some browsing, I decided to try Leanne Vogol’s variation, which uses starchy cauliflower as a thickening agent in place of flour. As I went along, I made some tweaks here and there. (My recipe is below).

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Dear Meg: Help, I Need Workout Clothes

Dear Meg,

The time was come for me to apologize for all the times I rolled my eyes and pouted while you dragged me through Lululemon. Right now – I need your help.

Before, I was totally fine hiding my frumpy folds in T-shirts and sweatpants while at the gym and dance class. Now that I’m stepping it up a notch, I see what I’ve been missing.

Today in BC, I was the only girl in the class whose boobs were hitting her in the face during her jumping jacks. I have yet to find a sports bra that can hold in these triple D’s without smushing them together into one giant beachball.

As for the tops and bottoms, I’ve generally aimed for things that hide my bulges. Now, I’m actually trying to sculpt nice bulges, so I kind of need the visual feedback. At the same time, I still want something that doesn’t make me look like 170 pounds of sausage stuffed into a cocktail wiener.

The biggest thing is, when I’m working out, I don’t want to look like a 10 year old boy fighting off an attack of bees. I want to look like a strong, sexy, curvaceous woman who is on track to becoming toned and tight. I feel like stepping up my look will help build the confidence and enthusiasm I need to keep pushing myself further.

Sis, in all your fitness fashion wisdom, can you set me on the right track?

Yours truly,



Carbs & Exercise: BFFS For Life??

Why does going to the gym make you feel so exhausted? That’s a good question, because the truth is: it shouldn’t.

Working out generally gives people a jolt of energy and mental clarity that lasts long into the day. Yeah, you might feel some muscle aches and stiffness, but you shouldn’t feel beat down and listless for hours after you get home.

I’ve never really had that problem – until I started a new diet. Now, instead of coming home from workouts high as a kite, I was ready to fall into bed.

After some research, I realized my mistake. I’d recently started banning carbs. Like restricting all carbs – not just bread and rice and the obvious picks. Barring some other medical condition, this was likely my problem.

As it turns out, this came with some very good news. At certain times of day and with a little help from our friend The Gym, turns out that Me and Carbs can get along just fine.

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Finding Your One True Gym

Finding a good gym is kind of like getting into a relationship. Facts and figures aside, you need to find a match for your personality. Note: your actual personality. NOT the person you imagine you’ll be once you’re in shape. Chances are, if you and Gym aren’t getting along off the bat, you’ll break up LONG before you reach that stage.

So what are the signs that a Gym is right for you?

First off, don’t go into this expecting that just because you’re a Gym Virgin, you’re walking into some 50 Shades of Grey sadomasochistic nightmare. People don’t stick with Gym because Gym handcuffed them to the treadmill. People walk freely back into Gym because they either love it, or at the very least, it allows them to be successful without having to become something they’re not. (Be yourself!)

Here’s 10 Personality Factors to keep in mind when browsing for your Gym Match.

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Dat Green Juice Tho…

Welcome to Planet Not-That-Obvious. Green Juice – i.e. a blended mix of fruits and veggies – TASTES AMAZING.

I mean, it may look like the sludge you might find in an old sink drain. It may have the mouth-feel of minced burlap. But dang girl, it tastes so good it should be criminal.

Oh yeah, it’s also a super quick way to get a ton of healthy bits into your body. #goals

Fruit is sweet. It has natural complex sugars, so yeah – if you’re trying to lose weight – you don’t want to gorge on it. However, a spoonful of it definitely helps the medicine go down.

Pro-Tip: Berries are the best fruit for snacking, but in a smoothie they’re a pain because of the seeds. I go for a Mixed Bag of peaches, strawberries, mangos and bananas. Be warned, mangoes are amazing but have the least bang for the buck – plus I’ve been told they swell up in your stomach.

Frozen fruit gets an A-plus for efficiency. One, you don’t have to wash or cut it up. Two, you can substitute it for ice cubes in your blended smoothie.

Kale, wheatgrass and arugula are some of my favorite greens because they have a pepper-kick to them. That way you feel less like a bunny nibbling on lawn bits and more like a honey badger, who doesn’t give a s**t.

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